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Hugs 4 Lungs was founded by Helen Ross in 2014. Since then we have been fighting to support families who's children suffer from a lung disorder. 

Helen Ross created Hugs4Lungs in response to her six-year-old son Hugo’s, struggle to breath at night from a rare respiratory disorder. The condition means his airways are narrow and floppy, leading them to collapse and obstruct his breathing. This becomes especially bad when he lays down to sleep. 

Helen realised that by living through the frightening experience herself, that there was no 24 hour support line for families in this situation, so she set it about her mission to make this possible. 

It is absolutely heartbreaking for any family and indeed any single mother raising a child and enduring night upon night of fear.

All we want to do with our sick children is hug them better. That is how the name Hugs4Lungs was born.

We are on a mission to make breathing easier for everyone involved. Thanks to fundraisers and volunteers this has become possible.

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24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We are not a medical advice line, we are on hand to give support to families 24-hours a day.